Enough of this Craziness!

Tonight was my turn to put Megan (my talkative 3 year old) to bed.  I was going through the normal routine of rocking her, humming and telling her a few things that I tell all my girls each night.

When I started tonight, she stopped me after the first line (which  is “Megan, did you know that I think you’re beautiful?”)

She stopped me and said “Dad, enough of this craziness!”

Me: “What craziness, Megan?”

Megan: “Of you telling me you love me and stuff.”

Me: “So you don’t want me to tell you that stuff anymore?”

Megan:  “No.  Well, just sometimes.”

Me:  “Is tonight one of those times?”

Megan:  “Maybe, I’ll let you know if it is…”

Great, she’s 3 going on 13!


One Response to Enough of this Craziness!

  1. elizabeth says:

    and you are surprised to hear this from her why? what a nut…

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