Enough of this Craziness!

April 4, 2009

Tonight was my turn to put Megan (my talkative 3 year old) to bed.  I was going through the normal routine of rocking her, humming and telling her a few things that I tell all my girls each night.

When I started tonight, she stopped me after the first line (which  is “Megan, did you know that I think you’re beautiful?”)

She stopped me and said “Dad, enough of this craziness!”

Me: “What craziness, Megan?”

Megan: “Of you telling me you love me and stuff.”

Me: “So you don’t want me to tell you that stuff anymore?”

Megan:  “No.  Well, just sometimes.”

Me:  “Is tonight one of those times?”

Megan:  “Maybe, I’ll let you know if it is…”

Great, she’s 3 going on 13!


She’s smarter than us!

March 6, 2009

Today is an awesome day!  Sara was getting ready to go to the store, and wanted to suggest that I take the girls on a walk.  We were all in the same room, and Sara didn’t want the girls to know what we were talking about, and here’s the conversation that followed.

Sara:  “Daddy, I forgot how to speak pig latin, so I’ll spell my idea backwards.  K-L-A-W.” (Lauren can spell most things, so Sara knew she couldn’t spell in normally.)

Lauren:  “Hey, that’s walk!  I want to go on a walk!”

Dear Lord–she’ll be smarter than us in a few years!

Variety Show Recap

March 6, 2009

This week, we had our Junior High Variety Show.  Notice that it’s not called a “Talent Show.”  That was intentional.  We’ve done this event for several years, and it’s always a great night.  This year was no exception.  We had 15 acts, and some displayed great talent, and others displayed lots of variety. We invited parents to join us for the night, and we had a good number of parents with us.   There were some hilarious skits and great songs.  However, my favorite part of the night was the way the kids encouraged and applauded each other.  After each act, kids cheered.  It’s a beautiful thing to watch junior highers encouraging each other!  

There were lots of other great acts, but there was something about a few of the acts that made them stand out.  Either the audience response or the quality of the performance

  • The Argument Room
  • Beans & Rice
  • Rockin’ the Suburbs
  • Both Piano pieces
  • Revolution

All in all, it was a great night!  Can’t wait to do it again next year!

King Triton

February 16, 2009

Wow, it’s been awhile since my last blog. I apologize.  No excuse, I just haven’t made time for it lately.  However, I did have to share what Lauren said this morning.

One of my commitments for 2009 was to get back in shape.  I’ve been working out in the mornings before I go to work.  This morning, Lauren got up early and came down to the basement with me.  She was watching me and said the following.  I almost fell over laughing.

Lauren: “Daddy, are you trying to be like King Triton?” (Apparently he’s the most muscular person she can think of.)

Me:  “Well,  I guess so.  How am I doing?”

Lauren: “Pretty good!  The only thing is that you need to grow you’re beard really long and turn it white.”

Me:  “Oh, that’s the only thing, huh?”

Wow, kids sure can give you a confidence boost!

IHOP let me down

February 6, 2009

If you’ve read this entry, you know about Laure & Megan’s recent excitement about IHOP.  Last Saturday, we decided to take advantage of the “Kids eat free on Saturdays” deal.  We invited some friends along in the adventure.  Everyone placed their order & enjoyed the pancakes.  We got the bill and I noticed that the kids’ meals were still on there.  No big deal, they can take it off at the register, right?  Wrong.

I asked the girl at the register to fix the bill, and we had the following conversation.

Her “No, I can’t.  Kids don’t eat free today.”

Me “Excuse me?”

Her “Kids eat free on weekdays now.”

Me “When did that start?”

“Last Saturday.”

Are you serious?  We show up with 5 kids on what turns out to be the first Saturday that kids don’t eat free, and no one says anything until we have to pay?  Not cool.
My girls still love IHOP and want to go back, but man…that was really frustrating!

Her Daddy is Youth Pastor

February 6, 2009

Today while I was out with Lauren running a few errands, we had some good conversations.  We started out talking about her favorite kinds of cookies, (oreos) and then she started listing her favorite games, and also coming up with ideas for new games.  I wanted to share one of her inventions.

“Hey, Daddy–we should play dodgeball with Oreos!  That would be fun!”

I started cracking up!  I swear I didn’t prompt her at all.  By the age of 5, she already knows how to spot a good youth ministry game!   I may have to try this one with my Junior Highers….

We’re going home!

January 28, 2009

We just talked with the attending neurologist, and things are looking like the episode is related to complicated migraines.  (Which is what we were hoping for.)  No more tests today, and Lauren will get to play in the snow.
Thanks so much for all your prayers and support!